Workflow at MockupRender

The following section is a short explanation of how we handle your projects in 3 simple steps.

Simple and easy.


1. Your product or floor plan

It all starts with your floor plan or products first drawings. We take these measurements to start modelling your project. We can even model your product from photo reference. 

For product rendering we prefer knowing if we need a live image or a studio environment. 

For interiors we will first discuss your project in this stage via a mood boards on Pinterest, a PDF briefing and/or video conference. 

Sharing all the info this project needs, will be uploaded on google drive and/or dropbox, to keep things quick and organised.

In this stage we also discuss the amount of revisions that you would like to purchase. The standard/minimum is 2 revisions in the "draft rendering stage", where we discuss the composition and materials used.


2. Our draft renderings

We start with modelling and we will send you draft renderings to show you the process. Placing of the models, angle of the camera and other composition elements can be discussed here.

We will color in the smart bits after this stage going into the finalisation stage.

Manshed Fruit Wire0004.jpg

Office gold Reinmagined.jpg

3. Finalisation and postwork

We now tune the composition with sharpening the image and adjust the colors and contrasts. There are some effects that we can apply to make interiors look more like photos as well as photo camera like effects. Minor lighting effects can be added aswel.

Congratulations, your interior image is done!