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Our work with Vant Panels

We did a variety of render for Vant Panels located in the US. They have a variety of colours and materials (around 13) that will make your interior look not only better but also more colourful and attractive.

Variety of work done: 

  • Livingroom
  • Kitchen
  • Hotel Bedroom
  • Kingsize Bedroom
  • Kids/ Teenager Bedrooms
  • Banking Conference
  • CEO 


The Rooms

All rooms were inspired with and designed in a contemporary style. Some have Scandinavian origins others have colonial flavours. We tried our best to maintain a high quality and a high level of details in these renders.

All the rooms were rendered in a 5k resolution. Making it possible to print it or use it in other future projects. In case there needed to be a cropping or cutting it will not loose its sharpness.

As you can see below and through this page the clarity of the renders are somewhat amazing.Please take a look at the slideshow under this introduction. There is also a PDF you can view which shows our work in their catalogue.

Vant Builder Room

Commercial Renderings

Commercial assignments are always a challenge. As a lot of offices look generic. But with Vant panels though we quickly realised that it did make the interiors more pleasing to look at and certainly not dull!

Product Rendering

Our renders are featured in both the video and pdf catalog. We also provided the essential product renderings of the boxes and several other parts, that are currently not featured in the slideshow. But is featured on their website


Some of our work

The Catalog