Renders for "Shapes"

Shapes is a German company founded in the heart of München, and has a wide range of scandinavian like styled lamps and lampshades. Their clean and to the point design is a safe bet, when you want to redesign your kitchen, livingroom, and bathroom areas.

Below you can see some of the renders we provided and there is also a PDF available at the bottom of the page where they are featured also.

Rasmuspagaard Kitchen Lamp Final.jpg


High Quality Realistic CG Images from Mockup's library, customised to fit the customers desires...

PAM Rasmus Lamp full Final.jpg

Bathroom Setting

The original was called "In the Ardenne". Totally created without any photo references, so it has an unique mood and composition.

White kitchen final.jpg

Kitchen Setting

With this one we used a photo as a reference, and starting to build the room from there. This version of the  lamps have a "Cherry Gold" finish.