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Graphic Design

It all started with photo editing and retouching many years ago. It always helped me to get things done, even with editing video's. I used to make custom graphics designed in Photoshop to make my video's more interesting.

Sometimes it's good to see where we came from. Our roots are in Photoshop and video editing software like Sony Vegas and Premiere back in the day. We still do minor graphic design jobs if our clients have special requests. We use photo correction software for our renders and smaller editing jobs.


My Career As a Video Editor

As I was graduating to be a video editor and camera operator. I had a part time job at a dutch editing studio in Baarn. This was in The Netherlands. We made TV commercials for bands and record labels like Armada. We also covered the editing of  theatrical trailers for Independent Films a well know distributor in Holland.

Below this article there are some video's I edited back in the day.



Photography skills and lights are very welcome when you are starting as a 3D visualiser. Along with other skills like animation, photoshop and videography.

We use photography for 3D materials and backdrops for client presentations.Our library over at 3DOcean shows a list of materials that we sell for our fellow visualisers.